A sutta for increasing your charm….

In Asia, there is a desirable quality known as human affinity.

Have you ever experienced meeting a stranger and feel like you might have known that person previously? You feel drawn towards them and believe that you are in the good company of a good person. You wish to become closer and become friend?

Now, imagine reversing that position.

Imagine you are that stranger that somehow makes people feel close. They want to know you better. People trust you even when you are a complete stranger to them.

It is not entirely due to good looks or appearance. It is an unseen force of attractiveness. It is more than charisma because it is not dependent on what you say or act.

Such a quality is call human affinity. (人缘) It is a force of attraction.

Now proceeding to the mystic and esoteric. Imagine the gods and goddesses, worldly deities and supernatural forces also being attracted to you in a good way. They wish to honor you, protect you and watch your back. Isn’t that great?

What was being described is the power of attractiveness. Such a quality attract positive things in life, it attracts good fortune.

The good news is that, this power can be practised and it is taught in the Metta Sutta!

Metta means loving kindness. I will be sharing more about Metta Sutta in our scriptural journey together. Stay tune and

May you be well and happy.

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  1. Jamyang, this has happened to me numeral times in my life, that I knew a person for a life time, actually from my past life for sure. Indeed it’s a force attraction, yet I never thought about that deities and a natural force is honoring and protecting me that way. I really like that concept. Thank you for your writing.

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