Tour – Singapore Buddhist Lodge

This Buddhist Gem is off the tourist radar and I had an opportunity to visit this newly renovated Chinese Buddhist centre yesterday.

External façade with images of the holy triad of western paradise.

Started by lay Buddhist with a humble beginning, it has come a long way since, to become this beautiful massive building today.

Amitabha Buddha

Before the covid 19 pandemic, they offered free vegetarian lunch to all, regardless of race, gender, age or religion. Many people benefited from their free meals during their darkest time. The Dharma environment echoing wisdom and compassion offered solace and comforted their mind. When they got back on their feet again, many came back with donation of money, food and services. A perfect example of what goes around comes around.

Samantabhadra bodhisattva, Ananda Arhat, Shakyamuni Buddha, Mahakasyapa Arhat, Manjushri Bodhisattva

I spent my youth hanging out here because of the free lunch and the air-conditioner in the library. All the facilities have been upgraded! They are also providing free medical consultation now! It really gladden my mind. The main prayer hall used to contain modest images of Buddha but is upgraded with our very own Giant Buddha now! The feel of awe and grandeur is absolutely inspiring.

Rows of Buddhist angels and Buddhist Gods (gods who converted to Buddhism) looked down upon the devotees both sides of the ceiling, giving us confidence and assurance that they will lookout for us as long as we practice well. Perhaps it is the good karma and energy generated by acts of charity, many attest to the efficaciousness of making a prayer here.

Silent meditation and chanting. With safe distancing. And you have to wear a mask too

May the pandemic be quickly pacified, may all be well and happy.

The Singapore Buddhist Lodge

17-19 Kim Yam Rd, Singapore 239329

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