Movie recommendation – XuanZang

This is an award winning movie with English subtitle (yeah!) Beautiful sceneries and actors, a perfect afternoon indulgence with Buddhist educational value.

Search : XUAN ZANG: Chinese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film|Huang Xiaoming, Xu Zheng 大唐玄奘【Huashi TV】

When we recite sutras, we kind of take it for granted that the beautifully printed sutra with nice cover had always been there. In reality, they will not be available to us if great monks like Xuanzhang did not risk their lives to bring it back to China. And then spend their entire life dedicated to translation.

We always thought that Xuanzhang had a good one travelling to India because it was sponsored by the Royal. This iis actually a misconception caused by popular fiction, “A Journey to the West” In reality, travelling out of the country was forbidden unless there was official permission to do so. Xuanzhang did not have permission to travel.

He encountered extremely challenging situations while crossing the dessert, I found that scene very touching and it dawned upon me how much risk was undertaken to travel alone in such a deserted place.

Another touching scene involves his meeting with his Guru. Tears just welled up for me.

Okay, that’s all for now. Hope you will enjoy this movie.

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