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Jamyang Puntsog

My Buddhist name is Ratna Jamyang Puntsog. I first encountered Buddhism in this life when I was 12. Formally took ceremonial refuge in the triple gem when I was 19. I believe the different spiritual methods were taught by Buddha to suit various beings who each have their own unique characteristic. The various sects and practices that arose are just a naming convention invented by disciples out of communication necessity. Had read and studied different forms of Buddhism. Volunteered in Buddhist organization. Until it last, I hope to share my views on Buddhism and find like minded practitioners around the world. May we practice Buddha's instruction together and connect through cyber space!

Kevatta Sutta – Part 11

It is exciting that we have now reached the portion on Jhana, a deep concentrated state of focus meditation. Focus meditation is important for our mind because it empowers the mind to “let-go” of sensory distractions, (sight, audio, smell, taste, touch and thoughts). The mind doesn’t wander from […]