7 points to gauge your spiritual progress – part 6 of 7

The 6th point to examine is Effortless Giving. This is linked to our attachment. Put in another way, if we are not concerned and not attached to our current existence. Then it is easier to let go of our possession and property, let go of our pride and prejudice. The giving up becomes effortless.

As long as we have attachment to these life and existence, it means we are still clinging on to samsara. Attachment to Samsara prevents us from enlightenment (Note: this statement needs to be read with care because if you start thinking about the extreme opposite, which is death and non-existence; then that is contrary to Buddhism)

Back to the topic of giving and non attachment.

To give without any effort and expectation is truly a remarkable feat. Nobel ones even donate their organs and life to others without qualms. Therefore, one of the points to gauge our spiritual progress is to examine our own generosity.

Do we cling on to our possession? Do we feel miserable when we loose something? Are we capable of giving and sharing without effort? The capability of letting go is very important in our practice. True generosity is without effort and not forced. We do not feel the pinch after we give.

Giving is not limited to just material possession. We can also practice giving by ‘giving in’. In a family or with friends, we do not need to have the last say in everything. We let others win. (if it doesn’t harm to do so). We give people the chance to fulfil their wishes. If we aspire to be Bodhisattva, shouldn’t that be what a Bodhisattva would be doing? Instead of blocking another persons’ progress or wishes, we should be helping them to fulfill it.

What do you want to have for dinner?

A simple daily decision can lead to unhappiness if 2 people are craving for different food. Overtime, it can lead to resentment too. Likewise, there are many such instances where we can practice giving in. By doing so, we learn to, not focus on our own desire and craving. It is also a form of letting go.

At work, we give colleagues opportunity to shine. We can cooperate easily and be opened to alternative ideas and ways. We do not need to have the last say in everything. That is also giving.

A person who have deep spiritual progress is not egocentric. The giving becomes effortless. “You can have it” that is the mantra to go by. Not because you loose interest in life but because you know that true living, is to live contentedly, without craving for impermanent things.

May all be well and happy.

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