Loving oneself


Let’s learn to love ourselves (the right way)

Foremost, this love is not rooted in craving and desire. After the meditation, one should not become attached to one’s body nor increase one’s vanity.

It is based on an attitude of embracing acceptance. (equanimity) Accepting ourselves as we are. Accepting life as it is. Achieving a contented happiness.

It is based on goodwill and compassion. Wishing happiness and hoping there will be an end to suffering. Achieving a sense of optimistic well-being.

It is based on appreciative joy. Feeling happy for a good situation that had arisen. Achieving a thankful joy.

Altruistic love for ownself.

Sit comfortably on a chair or in the traditional meditation posture. Or even while lying down.

With eyes half closed, downcast and not looking anywhere in particular. Bring awareness to your body.

Adopt a ‘3rd party’ perspective (if you can) and feel ‘detachment’ towards your body.

Be aware of the head, neck, shoulder, arms, body, upper torso, lower torso, legs, feet.

Do this slowly and mindfully

Be aware in reverse order. From the feet to the head.

Do this slowly and mindfully

Be aware of the body as a whole. This body is not me. Nourished by food and drink, it grows and it decays. Ravaged by the elements and disease, it becomes ill. This body is impermanent. May it be well and happy. (Note, you can recite your favourite mantra once, after each time of wishing it well.)

Rest your mind in this reflective mood. Neither happy or sad. Just neutral acknowledgement of life’s condition.

This precious body allows me to experience human life and encounter Buddha Dharma. (appreciative joy)

May this body be well and happy.

Rest your mind appreciating the human existence as it is.

Be aware of the breathing. Be happy that the body is still functioning. Rest your mind in contentment of living. Every single day offers opportunity for enlightenment.

May this body be well and happy.

Rest your mind in thankful joy

Due to ignorance and uncontrolled behaviour, I have subjected this body to abuse, by food, drink and conduct. May this body heal.

May this body be well and happy.

Rest your mind in compassion.

(Example, I tend to binge on potato chips. This reflection brings focus and remorse to mind. With a 3rd party perspective, I feel compassion towards the ignorant self. I use this to correct my compulsive eating of potato chips. You can use this to correct any other unwholesome behaviour and habits. Sleeping late, drugs, alcoholic drinks etc)

Due to ignorance, I had been mislead into believing this body as imperfect by others (example the commercial media). I am happy with this body as it is.

May this body be well and happy.

Rest your mind in goodwill and kindness

It is bad to hate our body type because we do not look like the models in advertisement. If you had developed a certain dislike for your body, maybe your eyes, weight or size or height. This is where you learn to develop positive acceptance of yourselves. If we hate our body, our mind creates toxic emotion. That in creates negativities in our body and affects our health.

Our existence is temporary. There are far more important things to strive for. Relying on the various positive mental energy that was cultivated previously, we direct that positive mind towards our body.

Continue to generate love and kindness to your body and your general sense of being.

May I be well and happy.

Feeling contented, with joy and kindness directed at yourselves. Sit with love and kindness and just be happy with yourselves.

Hope you enjoy this little mental exercise.

At each interval above, feel free to rest and repeat “May I be well and happy” (plus your mantra if you practice chanting) Once the monkey mind scatters, move on to the next reflection.

This is a reflective meditation and the objective is to generate tons of loving kindness, compassion, goodwill, acceptance, joy etc at your ownself.

Have fun and may all be well and happy

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