Buddha and Bodhisattva

Pictorial introduction of 88 Buddhas – part 3

Continuing from part 2.

The following are pictorial representations of the 88 Buddhas and this series will showcase the Buddhas gradually. To find out more about the 88 Buddha repentance prayers, please refer to my previous posts.

南無 歡喜藏 摩尼寶積 佛
Namo Siddhigarbha-Maniratna-samjita  Buddhaya
Namo Bliss-store ManiGem accumulated Buddha

This Buddha is the enlightened form of Manjushri and resides in the Northern Pureland. Those who take refuge in this Buddha will attain the mind treasury of Buddha, with limitless Dharma and profound wisdom. One will also avoid untimely death and all calamities.

南無 一切世間 樂見 上大精進 佛
Namo Sarvaloka Svagata MahaVirya Buddhaya
Namo welcome by All Worlds Highest Effort Buddha

Anyone who takes refuge in this Buddha will escape the misfortune caused by judgment and punishment by fellow man.

南無 摩尼幢 燈光 佛
Namo Mani-dhvaja-dipaka Buddhaya
Namo Mani-banner-lampLight Buddha

Taking refuge in this Buddha enables one to break through the ignorance that overshadows sentient beings and be freed from Samsara. Also, one will not suffer a premature death (ie. die young) or have no descendants.

To be continued….

May all be well and happy.

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