A trip to Wat Arun – Bangkok

I started my day early but found there’s already a long queue waiting for the boat that will take us to the temple. The tourists that were full of funs and laughter made the waiting a pleasant one. Everyone is happy. I waited for 20 mins before getting on the economy boat.


itting directly at the starboard side of the boat, I get to see the different piers as the boat picks up passenger from different stops. I also get splashed with water when the boat happened to hit a wave. (Just don’t think about what’s in the water and it feels refreshing enough on my face)

Wat Arun just got a facelift and the temple was open with fanfare when I visited in Dec 2017. You’ll have to pay to enter Wat Arun but just before the entrance there is a smaller chapel that is free. I saw local going in and I followed.

Interestingly, I saw bulky business men and women crawling underneath an altar for good luck. I refrained from taking video least I offend them. I was simply amazed by the agility of the plus size people in fervent prayer for success and good luck.

For a small donation, you get to write your wish on a bell and hang in on the stand. Inside the main shrine hall, there was a monk offering blessings. I joined the queue and waited patiently for my turn.

I saw people kneeling down when their turn is near and they “Knee walk” to approach the monk. This is a sign of respect so that we do not “Tower” over the monk. I followed their examples.

As I knelt in front of the monk, he chanted some prayer and splashed holy water over me. For that I also received a blessed bracelet from him. Guys wear it on the left wrist and the gals wear it on their right wrist. If you wish to give donation, there is a donation box beside the monk. (In Thailand, the monks are not suppose to handle money) So just drop your donation into the box. If you are female, please refrain from having any body contact with the monks. In this situation, if you wish to get the blessed bracelet, just place your open palms together, and he will drop the blessed bracelet into your hand.

Fold your hand together, clasping the bracelet in your hand and raise it to the level of your forehead to show appreciation.

Many beautiful sculptures and statue of the Buddha can be found in the temple.


This one outside the shrine hall is dressed in regal style. The statue had both hands raised with palms outwards. Traditionally, it is believed that such imagery of the Buddha prevents any evil from entering a premise.

The temple happened to be raising funds when I was there. Some blessed clay tablet with Buddha is available for sales. These can be worn as an amulet or they can be placed on your work desk as a daily reminder of Buddha. They can also be placed on altars for worship.

I like to collect them. The process of making these clay tablets involve many days of chanting, prayers and meditation by monks. They are made with sacred material and each temple and monk hans their unique “recipe” For examples, clay from holy caves or soil from holy ground etc.

Here’s more picture.,,,

When climbing the stupa, be mindful of your steps. It is easy to neglect safety when we are too engrossed with taking pictures. So be mindful.

Have fun. I would recommend a trip to Wat Arun.

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