WAT Traimit – gold buddha

For a long while, I had wanted to see this giant solid gold Buddha and I finally made an effort to visit it in the Chinatown area of Bangkok (Yaowarat) last Dec 2017.

The discovery of this ancient statue sounds like something from a movie. It was originally encased in clay and people discovered the hidden golden statue when they accidentally damaged part of its clay encasement.

The rest is history. Now we get to see the entire gold statue in its grandeur. SOLID GOLD

It was new years eve and there was an evening prayer. White strings are set up like cables network connecting the entire compound, all leading into the temple and merging to a single prayer cord that will be held by the chief monk during the prayer.

The strings hanging overhead has many extension strings. Each string hanging over a chair where participants will sit during the grand prayer.

During the evening, people will be sitting on the chairs and they will wrap the ‘drop down’ cord around their head or hold it in their hands.

In that manner it is believed that the blessing power of the praying monks will be transmitted through the string and charge the participants with blessings for the new year. It is quite a sight to behold as participants chant and pray through the night, working themselves up into a religious fervour.

I chose to join the partying folks and fireworks in the city instead.

For me, it is the delicious food in Chinatown that reckons.

Directly across the road from Wat Traimit. There is this roast pork store that is truly amazing.

Here’s the name and address.

Khong Prasoet
304-6 ซอย สุกร ถนน มิตรภาพไทย-จีน Khwaeng Talat Noi, Khet Samphanthawong, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10100, Thailand
+66 2 238 3587

Do not be deceived by its look. The crunchy rind of roast pork mixed with thick savoury gravy over rice is amazing. A must try is the mutton stew or lamb stew.

Tips.For western people, try eating rice in Asia with spoon instead of fork. Scoop rice, gravy and roast pork together and send the entire spoonful into to your mouth. Experience the explosion of flavours. Chew and enjoy. Throw away all western table manners for once. You will enjoy it better that way. The plain rice will absorb and balance the seasoned meat and heavy gravy. If you eat each item on its own there is no mixture of yin and yang. The food will taste overly rich or extremely plain. That’s the tao of eating in Asia.

I had planned to eat my way through Chinatown. But I got KO by this one store. The price is reasonably low and food is too good to waste. I was simply contented and full after the meal and had to abandon my plan to explore other store in bangkok Chinatown. Will try again the next time I visit.

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