Doggy cafe

If you are on vacation in bangkok and miss some furry companionship, just visit a pet cafe to satisfy your needs.

They have cat cafe, dog cafe, bunny cafe and even a little zoo cafe with exotic animals to play with. ( think pocuppine, little fox and such)

I chose a cafe with large dog to have my coffee fix and had a wonderful time with big dogs there.

To play with the dogs, you have to order drinks and food. Make your order at the cashier, pay for your food and then you get a table amongst the dogs.

I had waffle for dessert and true to theme, it comes decorated with little doggy figurine.

HOPs The House Of Paws
Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
+66 89 896 8690

Like all relationship, I think karma affinity is important. Some of the dogs just wouldn’t come to me.

Here’s my doggy friend who enjoy coming over to my table. Oh, these furry pals are also very practical. You can buy some treats at the counter and they will come to you.

There are some dogs who prefer children. No amount of treats can bribe their heart. Here’s the one that prefers children. So I have to go to it.

This one is going for a nap and its face said it all. Do not disturb please.

This one is already in slumber land and is famous for sleeping till 4pm

I think there wasn’t any time restriction and you can stay as long as you like.

The cafe was well maintained and clean. The staffs are friendly and professional. They keep a watchful eyes and are dog guardians to prevent any mishandling.

Ok I admit my bad.

I just couldn’t resist trying to carry the smaller dog and the staff was quick to advice me not to.( In a friendly manner.)

Overall, it was a pleasant experience and 2 hours of fun for me.

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