Refuge prayer defeats a witch.

I read the following story in a Thai Buddhist magazine. A man from USA wrote in to share his story. It was his way of thanking the protective power of the Triple Gems. I find this story interesting because this is the first time I read a Buddhist testimony involving witchcraft in the western world.

According to the story, he had very bad relation with his supervisor at work and his supervisor employed a witch to harm him through supernatural means.

During a company party, his supervisor had employed a female fortune teller to read tarot card as a form of entertainment. When the party ended, his supervisor assigned him the task of sending the fortune teller home.

The fortune teller was sitting next to him in the car and she started chanting some incantation when they were on the road. Her sinister expression and the chanting took him by surprise. A deep sense of dread and fear just crept into his mind. He felt like his own state of being was locked and imprisoned. Although conscious, he felt like he was losing control of his physical body. He had never felt so helpless in his entire life. He could not even say a word.

In his desperation, he remembered the qualities of Buddha and mentally recited the Vandana:

Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma sambuddhassa  (Translation:
Honour to the Blessed One, the Exalted One, the fully Enlightened One )

Instantly, his fear abated and he noticed the witch looking surprised. Her chanting grew louder and faster. As he focused on mental recitation of the Vadanna, he found his voice again! The moment he vocalised the Vadanna, the witch stopped chanting and screamed in agony.

He stepped on the brake, pulled over, dragged the woman out of his car and drove all the way home, chanting the Vandana without stop. After that episode, his faith in Buddha grew tremendously.

I guess the power of our faith transcend all and soothes our mind. Hope you enjoyed reading.

May all be well and happy.

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  1. Wow that’s a great story very inspiring. I think from a Buddhist perspective good triumphs over evil as everywhere else or at least against the negative intentions of others. I think i would have overreacted and said some very wrathful or protective mantras. Likely the same result but overdone.

    Thanks for sharing this one.


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      • Hi Jamyang, a very good friend of mine just sent me a PDF of the hundred thousand songs of Milarepa, and to my surprise in the very first song Milarepa encounters four demons. His solution to the problem was very interesting. Have you read it before?



      • Its the first chapter, he comes home to find 4 demons in his cave and immediately begins to start a protective practice with mantras and everything, just like what I said I would have done. But then he thinks hey these demons are just a result of me and my internal projections. He asks what are all my realizations worth if I cannot see this as pure. He then begins to sing and welcome them to stay a while with him for a while. The real lesson was that the 4 demons were his own disturbances and hinderances to his practice. Well thats the coles notes version. Like I said interesting eh?



      • Or maybe that there are no such things as external demons at all. And we need to see and understand how we produce and are responsible for such things ourselves. It too easy to keep blaming the outer circumstances.


      • i think all beings alike. Their external is actually a manifestation of their internal. When hatred, craving and ignorance reign, one turns into demon….I believe that is why in Buddhism, no beings (including demons)are condemned. All can turn into Buddha.

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      • All phenomena are manifestations of mind. Mind is not a mind; it is empty in essence. Although empty, all things arise in every way without hinderance. May precise observation sever mistaken views about the ground.
        Mind’s self-expression, which has ever existed as such, is mistaken for an object. Due to ignorance, self-awareness is mistaken for an “I”. Clinging to this duality causes one to wander with the conditioned world. May ignorance, the root of illusion, be cut away.
        The 3rd Karmapa mahamudra.

        Everything is produced within the ignorance of mind.

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