Oldest religion in the Universe

Do you know that Buddhism is the oldest religion in the universe? To understanding my statement, you need to know that it is based on esoteric buddhist beliefs and not the mainstream written history.

Foremost, the Buddha taught that civilization ( as we know it) goes through cycles of birth and death too! Civilization was born, existed and progressed, degenerated, then re-started again over an extremely long period of time.

Secondly, our universe also die and reborn. When factors and conditions are correct, it arises. Then it will age and decay, ultimately ending in destruction.

According to scriptures, a Buddha had arisen in most of these past worlds. Before Shakyamuni Buddha was Kassapa Buddha. Before Kassapa Buddha was another Buddha. The Buddha of our current world system is Shakyamuni Buddha and the Buddha of the next world system is Maitreya Buddha.

In each of those past cycles of civilizations, or in other world systems, there was a Buddha! Therefore, Buddhism was there all along. It was simply forgotten and lost, only to be re-taught by a Buddha when conditions are right again.

If you wonder how that is possible? The answer is actually pretty simple. The Dharma being taught by Buddha is the Truth. Therefore it is unchanging and eternal. In another word, the Buddha is simply teaching us to see the Truth that we fail to see and understand.

Since the Buddha and the Dharma is non separatable, the Dharma is also Buddha. That aspect of Buddha is termed Dharmakaya. (The Dharma body of Buddha)

What this means is that, Buddha Dharma is an eternal Truth, the Buddha is a being who attained that Truth and taught it. And since Dharma is eternal and there all along, Buddhism is there all along. Thus it is the oldest religion in the Universe.

Hope you enjoy this little nugget of thoughts for your weekend.

May all be well and happy.

Hope you enjoyed reading this tidbit about Buddhist “history”

May all be well and happy.

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