168 steps in Busan

Located within the Chinatown area is a steep flight of stairs to a hill top. To go there, you just need to go opposite the Busan station, and here is the google location.

168 Stairs Monorail (bottom)

The monorail was not working but the climb is fun
All 168 steps

The climb is fun because there are quirky decorations along the journey for you to pause and take some pictures. When you enjoy the process, then the work will be easier.

See this fella enjoying a soak? And I had another 47 meter to climb
Interacting with the murals

At the top of the stairs is a cafe with fantastic view and food. There are 3 storeys and you can find your spot with a good view there.

View from the cafe
Rewarding myself with a cup of coffee

After resting at this cafe, you can continue to go up and visit the guardian spirit shrine

Wall of the shrine

Further up and beyond this shrine is a bus stop where you can take bus number 190 to go back to Busan Station. This will save your knee cap from trotting down the same flight of stairs! But for the younger folks, you may simply go back the same way you came.

Viewing platform and photo spot beside the bus stop

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