Gamcheon village

This place used to be a squatter village full of makeshift housing. Today, it is a colourful place that attracts international tourists. Lots of cafe and souvenirs shops. But the colourful houses and the occasional whimsical decor brings cheer and dreams to this otherwise shunned neighbourhood.

Gaining access to this place is still challenging because it is situated on a hilly slope. Although buses run through this area, I can imagine the many steps of stairs and meandering paths you need to navigate through before reaching home.

I stuck to the tourist path because my knee cap wouldn’t be merciful if I climb up and down the flights of stairs to explore deeper into the neighbourhood. Just be aware that people are living in all those tightly packed houses. Therefore, keep as quiet as possible and respect the privacy of residence if you explore outside of the tourist path.

I started my excursion at the tourist information counter and walk all the way to the end. You will be making a loop around the village and end up downhill. You will see a bus terminal for bus 17. It’s just a space for the bus to make a u turn. Taking bus 17 will send you to Jagalji market where BIFF square is. But do check with the driver that he is heading towards Jagjali market. This is the street food paradise of Busan.

Like the sign state, it is really delicious

Feel free to let your tastebud explore. Besides street food cart, you can also opt to eat in restaurants. Use the google map for their ratings of restaurants here. Quite an easy place to navigate. After eating to your stomach’s content, the subway station is close by to take you back to your hotel.

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