Haeundae beach and Cherry Blossoms

The chilly spring air plus sea breeze, sandy beach and a neighbourhood road that is lined with Cherry Blossom. What do you get? A nice romantic morning walk in Busan, South Korea.

I start the morning by taking a subway train to Jungdong station and exit 5 from station. Use google map to point you in the direction of the sea. Start walking towards the sea and you will soon reach a junction whereby the Dalmaji-gil road is on the left.

You can’t miss it because the road is lined by cherry blossoms.

The experience of walking leisurely down this stretch of road with a warm cup of coffee in hand is priceless.

Once you have had enough of the cherry blossoms, just turn around and walk in the opposite direction. You will end up in the touristy Haeundae beach area.

Directions towards the Haeundae beach
Haeundae beach

I had tempura for lunch and it was great. The restaurant is just behind the Haeundae station and it’s name is Taiga Tempura. expect to queue as it is popular with the local. Price is reasonable and quality is good. But there is some hassle with their queue system because it is in Korean and you need a local number. Anyway, I punched in my Singapore telephone number and the queue number appeared on the screen. You have to take a picture of that screen showing you queue number. Then inform the waiter. They are quite friendly but doesn’t speak English. Overall, the experience was a pleasant one.

Taiga Tempura
+82 51-731-1914,%2015%20Udong%201-ro%2038beonga-gil,%20Haeundae-gu,%20Busan,%20South%20Korea&ftid=0x35688db1d8e17d25:0x3617b90bbeb92790&hl=en-SG&gl=sg&entry=gps&g_st=ic

There is a local seafood market near haeundae beach with many seafood restaurants. this is another alternative. But the seafood in the tanks are just a bit too exotic for my taste.

I spent half a day in this area and the overall feel is enjoyable. There are many other food options around this area.

For this trip, I used google map to bookmark places I want to visit. Although google map does not work in South Korea, it is still useful to help me navigate around. This is because I can locate my position on the map and it can still help orientate me in the direction towards my destination.

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