Rebirth Blanket

This article discuss Chinese Mahayana Buddhism and rituals concerning death. It also talks about how we can make use of Dharani blankets to benefit a living person. Before going further, please note there’s a disclaimer below.

This mystical practice is related to Chinese Mahayana Buddhism whereby the deceased is covered by a blanket that has been inscribed with various dharani. It is believed that Buddhist Dharani holds scared Powers because Dharani represents the Truth. Therefore, the Dharani(s) endow the blanket with blessing powers of the Buddha(s). In this manner, the deceased person will be blessed by the blanket covering him/her.

Below article is written with reference to an explanation given by a well-known Taiwanese monk, Master Hui Li. I included a link to a Buddhist organization in Singapore where you can purchase the Dharani Blanket. I am not affiliated to them nor do I know them. I found their website through google search and thought it might be useful to share it with you.

Note Sukhavati is the sanskrit name of Amitabha’s Pure Land.

The Sukhavati rebirthing Blanket is also known as the Dharani Blanket. The origination of Dharani Blanket is not found in the Tripitaka. It originated during the Ming Dynasty when Vajrayana was popular and the Vajra Master inscribed mantra or scriptures in Sankrit or Tibetan on a piece of cloth. The effect of the Dharani Blanket becomes more inconceivable when blessed / consecrated. When a corpse is covered by the Dharani Blanket, it allays karmic obstacles. Beings of the underworld will see a bright light, and this can prevent the deceased from being disturbed or harmed by their enemies and demonic obstacles.

Although this Dharani Blanket is extremely precious, there was no circulation in the market during the Ming Dynasty. Li Bingnan, an old Buddhist layman, once said: “(This was) might have been introduced from Tibet. Its usage was limited to Nobilities and and ordinary officials and people were not allowed to use it. Today, there is no prohibition!”

In Truth, the state of Dharani; every word and verse is the Buddha’s Dharmakaya. Comprehensible only between Buddha(s). However, the Dharani’s mighty and supernatural power can be universally used by or relied upon by all living beings.

The color of the Dharani Blanket is golden, and when unfolded, it is longer than the height of most people. When using it, it must be covered in the correct direction. The part with the word “Nano Amitabha Buddha” is to cover the top of the body. Generally speaking, it only needs to cover the chest, not from the head. Moreover, Dharani Blanket differs from the “lotus quilt” that is currently circulating in the market . Lotus Quilt only prints the lotus pattern and has no blessing power. Its effect is only to look beautiful and solemn, which is very different from the Dharani Blanket. If the patient or deceased had insisted on being covered by the lotus quilt, one can put the Dharani Blanket on top of the lotus quilt.

Although this quilt is popularly called “death quilt” or “Sukhavati rebirthing blanket”, please note that it is just a conventional name. This is because its function is not limited to the death. One can use it on any days and it is also beneficial for a living person. Dharani Blanket can eliminate disasters and absolve problems. It can also be used to exorcise spirits or ghosts possessing a person. Traveling has become popular in recent years, so you might as well travel with it and place it in your hotel room. It will bless you with safe and happy travel. It can also benefit people who are lingering on sickbeds and suffering from illness. Its blessing prowess will help with recovery too.

If you own the Dharani Blanket, please keep it neatly folded. It should be kept or placed above waist level, on a table, in a drawer or on our altar. Recite the Sukhavati Vyuha Dharani 21 times (see below), twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening) to bless it.

Since antiquity, many people had passed away peacefully, with face blushed when they use the Dharani blanket (it is believed that a good rebirth to Sukhavati will leave the corpse with blushed appearance. Thus, the deceased looks as though asleep and in good health.) the Buddha’s power is inconceivable. A great practitioner does not need to rely upon the power of Mantra Cakra, Dharani Blanket and Golden light sand. However, we are ordinary people, and since we know about this treasure, why not give it a try! The above three things (golden light sand, curse wheel, and rebirth quilt) should be prepared in advance.

How to use the Dharani Blanket.

Before the last breathe, one can cover the dying person with the Dharani Blanket up to the chest level. Sprinkle the Golden Light Sand on the dying person’s head. place the Mantra Cakra on the body. Then recite the name of Amitabha Buddha clearly and evenly until their last breathe. When the deceased had taken his last breathe, one should continue recitation for at least 8 to 12 hours. When it is time to clean the corpse, one should remove the Dharani blanket and Mantra Cakra. Once the corpse is ready for the wake, place the Dharani Blanket and Mantra cakra back on the corpse or on the coffin. If the deceased will be cremated, remember to remove the Mantra Cakra and Dharani blanket before cremation. This is because destruction of Dharma artefacts is bad karma. After cremation, one can wrap the ash urn with the Dharani Blanket and place the mantra cakra in the urn, on top of the cremated ashes.

May all be well and happy.


Where to get the Dharani Blanket :

Sukhavati Vyuha Dharani

namo amitabhaya | tathagataya | tadyatha
amrta bhave | amrta siddham bhave | amrta vikrante | amrta vikranta | gamini gagana
kirta kare svaha

How the Dharani Blanket looks like


The information provided here relates to mysticism and is not backed by scientific or medical investigation. Information must be used with common sense. I take no responsibility now or in the future for how you apply the information provided herein. The rituals are not meant to replace medical, legal, or other professional treatment or procedures.

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