The lion’s roar

The dharma spoken by Buddha is being respectedly referred to as a lion’s roar.

This is because the lion’s roar made all animals sit up in attention. Ears perked up and motionless.Mindful and aware of their situations.

Similarly, the Buddha’s message expounds the universal truth and the truth can be hard to swallow. It can terrify a person because it shakes the foundation of our delusional reality to its very core. It reminds us of our situations.

A meditating monk who lived in the forest was invited to teach meditation and enlightenment to city dwellers who seriously wish to practice for enlightenment.

During the Questions and answers session somebody asked.

‘I have recently started practicing buddhism. However, it seems like there are more obstacles in my life. Can Ajhan (honourific addtess for spirirual teacher in Thai) teach me how to remove all these obstacles in life?’

You feel that there are obstacles in your life because you have more desires. When you desire diiferent situations in life and yor desired situation does not happen, you feel suffering. You see obstacles in your life. However, ups and downs are just part of life. That is why you need to practice meditation to eliminate desire. When there is no desire, there will be no more obstacles for you.

I was completely blown away, very delighted. Wow! However, you can see many people staring wide eyed, some even with mouth slightly opened. 😅

It is a Truth that was spoken, but how many people can withstand the lion’s roar. Some people will run away from the Truth. Some does not wish to hear it.

That is why the lotus sutra described a scenario where a father successfilully coaxed his children out of the burning house by bluffing that there are toys outside the house for them.

I have heard similar questions being posted by the audience somewhere else before and the respond usually goes like that.

Foremost, you must have strong faith in the Triple Gems, next you must have faith in your practice. (Example chanting a specific mantra) You have to practice hard and the obstacle will lessen over time.

The same Truth, one without sugar coating. MEDICINE FOR ADULTS. The other one coated with sugar for the children. Both will lead to removal of desire by training the mind.

Such is the wonderful Buddha dharma. May all be well and happy.

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