Great Repentance prayer to Eighty-Eight Buddha – Part 6

Continuing from previous post where we completed the list of 88 Buddhas name


The repentance prayer text continue thus;

Namo Dharmadhatu abiding Amitabha Buddha

Note: This would be the 89th Buddha。 It express a recollection of Amitabha Buddha and his Pure land call Sukhavati. Commonly known as the western paradise. A place where there is no suffering. Many Mahayana Buddhist hope to be reborn there so that they can continue their spiritual training in a Paradise until Enlightenment is attained.

Personally, I think this sentence is very profound and very important because it remind disciples not to mistakenly pray to the 88 + 1 Buddhas as if they are an external God. (外道神明)Remember, Sakyamuni Buddha never taught us to attain salvation by simply praying to him.

By stating that Amitabha Buddha is abiding in Dharmadhatu, it also reminds me,  so does all Buddha(s). This further remind me about our inherent Buddha nature and the aim of attaining Enlightenment and realisation of Dharmakya. Thus ultimatly, we will be no different from the Buddha(s) when we achieve enlightenment.

Therefore in a wonderful twist, the prayer text throw us back onto ourselves and remind us that ultimate happiness is still the result of us realising the state of Enlightenment, a state where all Buddha(s) reside. That is where true salvation from suffering can be found.

Personally, when I read Mahayana text, it is such “reminder” that help me reconcile with what I studied in the Theravadian text.

Next is the confession prayer text. likewise, I will state the original Chinese text plus the English translation.

如是等。一切世界,  諸佛世尊

Likewise, All others Bhagavan Buddha(s) in all worlds,


who dwell eternally in the worlds


May all these Bhagavan Buddha(s) regard me with loving kindness.

Note: In the Buddhist text since ancient times, Buddhism states that there are multiple world systems.


Whether in this life or in my previous life or since beginningless lifetimes ago;


All misdeeds that I had committed or taught others to commit or rejoiced upon witnessing them being committed;


Be it property from a pagoda or a monk or any Sangha properties found in any of the four directions


Wether misappropriated by me or misappropriated under my instruction or condoning their misappropriation by others.

Note: Pagoda refers to all Buddhist Instituitions such as temples, monastery, nunnery, associations, centres etc. In short any place where Buddha Dharma is being spread.

The word monk is not singular in meaning and embraces the nuns and lay followers of Buddha. Especially where the properties are used for the furtherance of Buddhism.

Sangha properties found in any of the 4 directions.

Some monks and nuns does not have permanent residence and prefer to wander from place to place. For example, in some of the Thailand forest, one may come across meditation mats and cushion that belongs to meditating monks.

In another instance. I was in Japan and the Buddhist temples planted fruit tress around the temples. Some of these fruit trees are quite far from the temples. The fruits had fallen onto the ground. Taking the fruits without permission from the temple would be considered as misappropriation.

End of part Six.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

May all be auspicious, well and happy.

Please feel free to share and teach others who are interested too.

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  1. Hi,bottom of page here has “Being equal” as next in the series,which in turn has part 7 as next in the series. Not sure if this is a feature or glitch.


    • Thanks for highlighting this. I think it is because “being equal” was posted after part 6 but before part 7. The link is in accordance to the date of the article. I tend to explore a few topic simultaneously.


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