Great Repentance prayer to Eighty-Eight Buddha – Part 5

Continuing from previous post where we list the 53 Buddha(s) name.

The subsequent 35 Buddha names were mentioned in the Upāliparipṛcchā(sūtra) – 佛說決定毘尼經.

There are some similarities in the names with the Tibetan system of 35 Buddha confession prayers.

Accoring to the scripture , one is able to purify the bad karma of committing the 5 Avici misdeeds and the 10 unwholesome deeds.

The 5 Avici misdeeds were mentioned in previous post. In summary;

  1. Killing one’s Mother
  2. Killing one’s Father
  3. Killing an Arhat
  4. Causing the Buddha to bleed
  5. Creating a schism in the Buddhist community (Sangha)

These misdeeds leads to the Avici Hells.

The 10 Unwholesome deeds are;

  1. Killing a sentient being (the worst is to kill a Human)
  2. Stealing
  3. Sexual misconduct
  4. Lying (The worst is to lie about possessing enlightenment and psychic/supernatural power)
  5. Tale bearing and sowing discord amongst people
  6. Harsh speech (that including swearing) that hurt others
  7. Idle speech that promote unwholesome views and thoughts, encourages others to do misdeeds or speak carelessly.
  8. Mental craving and desire
  9. Mental ill-will and hatred including aversion
  10. Ignorance (such as disbelief in Karma)

Note: 1 to 3 relates to our actions. 4 to 7 relates to our speech and 8 to 10 relates to our thoughts.

These misdeeds are considered causes of suffering in one’s life.

Here is the list of 35 Buddha names

1 南無 釋迦牟尼 佛◎

Namo Sakyamuni Buddhaya

2 南無 金剛不壞 佛

Namo Vajra Anasya Buddhaya

Namo Vajra Indestructible Buddha

3 南無 寶光 佛

Namo Ratnārśiṣ Buddhaya

Namo Jewel Light Buddha

4 南無 龍尊王 佛

Namo Nāgarāj Buddhaya

Namo Dragon King Buddha

5 南無 精進軍 佛

Namo Virasena Buddhaya

Namo Commander of Effort Buddha

6 南無 精進喜 佛

Namo Viranandi Buddha

Namo Joyous Effort Buddha

7 南無 寶火 佛

Namo RatnaAgni Buddhaya

Namo Precious Flame Buddha

8 南無 寶月光 佛

Namo RatnaChandaka Buddhaya

Namo Jeweled Moon Light Buddha

9 南無 現無愚 佛

Namo Amoghadarzin Buddhaya

Namo Displayer of non- ignorance Buddha

10 南無 宝月 佛

Namo Ratnachandra Buddhaya

Namo Precious Moon Buddha

11 南無 無垢 佛

Namo Vimala Buddhaya

Namo Taintless Buddha

12 南無 離垢 佛

Namo Parac_Kalmasa Buddhaya

Homage to depart_from_stain Buddha

13 南無 勇施 佛

Namo Suradatta Buddhaya

Namo Heroic Giver Buddha

14 南無 清淨 佛

Namo Suddha Buddhaya

Namo Purity Buddha (Brahma Buddha)

15 南無 清淨施 佛

Namo Suddhadana Buddhaya

Namo Pure Charity Buddha

16 南無 娑留那 佛

Namo Varuna Buddhaya

Namo Water Deity Buddha

17 南無水天佛

Namo Varunadeva Buddhaya

Homage to Water God Buddha (Varunadeva Buddha)

18 南無 堅德佛

Namo Dharmadhirasattva Buddhaya

Namo Firm Virtue Buddha

19 南無 栴檀 功德佛
Namo Chandanasri Buddhaya

Homage to Glorious Sandalwood Buddha

20 南無 無量掬光 佛
Namo Anantatejas Buddha

Measureless Light Buddha

21 南無 光德 佛

Namo PrabhaShri Buddhaya

Namo Glorious Light Buddha

22 南無 無憂德佛
Namo Asokasri Buddhaya

Namo Sorrowless Virtue Buddha

23 南無 那羅延佛

Namo Narayana Buddhaya

Homage to son of non-Craving Buddha

24 南無 功德華 佛

Namo KusumaShri Buddhaya

Namo Flower of Merit Buddha (Kusumashri Buddha)

25 南無 蓮華光 遊戲神通佛

Namo PadmaJyotirVikriditaSiddha Buddhaya

Namo Mastery of Knowledge Lotus Light Buddha

26 南無 財功德佛

Namo DhanaShri Buddhaya

Namo Wealth of Virtue Buddha

27 南無 德念佛

Namo PunyaSmrti Buddhaya

Namo Glorious Recollection Buddha

28 南無 善名 稱 功德佛

Namo PunyaAhvaya Buddhaya

Namo Virtuousness extolling name Buddha

29 南無 紅燄帝幢王佛

Namo AgniKetuDhvajaRaja Buddhaya

Namo Agniketu Banner King Buddha

30 南無 善遊步功德佛

Namo Kusalagami Punyakrt Buddhaya

Namo Marching Forth in Wholesome Merit Buddha (Suvikrantashri Buddha)

31 南無斗戰勝佛

Namo Yuddhajaya Buddhaya

Namo Victory in Battle Buddha

32 南無 善遊步佛

Namo Kusalagamika Buddhaya

Namo Righteous Step Buddha

33 南無 周匝莊嚴功德佛

Namo Mandala Vyuhashri Buddhaya

Namo Virtue Surrounded Buddha

34 南無 寶華 遊步佛

Namo Ratnapadma vikrami Buddhaya

Namo Walking Upon Jeweled Blossoms Buddha

35 南無 寶蓮華 善住 娑羅樹 王佛
Namo Ratnapadma supraṭiṣṭhita -śailendrarāja Buddha

King Lotus Gem Well Abiding Beneath the Sala Tree Buddha

Note: Up till here, there is 88 Buddha(s) name being invoked.

End of part Five.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

May all be auspicious, well and happy.

Please feel free to share and teach others who are interested too.

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    • Thank you for asking this interesting question. I had also wondered the same previously. The 88 Buddha repentance prayer is not a sutra but a prayer that is composed by a monk.

      I am not sure if the number 88 is a later invention or the original title. But if it is the original title, then I think perhaps the author was trying to be respectful to the source of his reference.

      The first 53 names are derived from the sutra “Buddha’s discourse about the two Bodhisattva, (药王菩萨)Bhaisajya-Raja Bodhisattva and (药上菩萨)Bhaişajya-samudgata Bodhisattva.

      The 35 Buddha names were mentioned in the Upāliparipṛcchā(sūtra) – 佛說決定毘尼經.

      Maybe that is the reason? I am not sure. But 88 sounds catchy, doesn’t it? 🙂


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