Buddhist hope

Hope is looking forward that something will happen according to our wishes.

If our heart is kind, we look forward to optimistic events and happy situations for ourselves or others.

On the other hand if our mind is clouded by hatred, we hope for bad things to happen. Especially towards others.

Hope helps us deal with our current situations. We hold on to a belief that things will develop according to our wishes. It will be a better future.

However, Buddhism taught that day dreaming about the future is delusion.

So how should a Buddhist be hopeful? Without hope in our heart, life can be bleak. Wouldn’t it?

I think the greatest message of hope in Buddhism is the belief in karma.

The beauty of karma is that; we are our own maker. Our future happiness is not dependent on the whims and facies of supernatural beings.

If we want to have future happiness, we just have to focus on being good now.

Our every action, speech and thought is a building block for our future happiness. Moment by moment.

By being mindful of our every deed and making sure we only do good, we hope for a better future.

Every moment that is the now becomes the past and is the becoming of a future.

Therefore isn’t it better to be in the moment and experience the moment.

Doing good in the moment creates a good moment.

May all be well and happy this season of hope.

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