Autumn Japan 2017 – Day 5

12 Nov 2017 (Sunday) and we are staying in Okayama.

The best thing to do on a lazy Sunday is to enjoy the autumn breeze by cycling through the Bizen plain.

This area has large track of padi field and a few famous shrines.

Cycling stop 1 : Kibitsuhiko Shrine 吉備津彦神社

Kibitsu Jinja 吉備津神社

Bitchūkokubun-ji 備中国分寺

It seems like there is a festival going on. Kids are all dressed up and visiting temples for blessings.

May they grow up strong healthy and wise.

After cycling the whole morning, it’s time to leave the rural and head for the city.

Korakuen 後楽園

With most of the time cycling, we ended up having lunch opposite bitchu kokubunji.

A very simple and Zen like meal. Very hearty and basic. Outside this restaurant is a farmer’s market and the grapes are so sweet and nice.

Dinner is at a food market or foodcourt on the 4th floor of Aeon mall.

Followed by the famous dessert that is all the craze in Singapore. Finally got to eat this. No queue!

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