Autumn Japan 2017 – Day 4

Today is 11 Nov 2017.

After 2 days in Hiroshima, we are going to Okayama today. That’s a 52 min journey by train.

Land of sunshine and fruits, here we come.

The 1st stop is Kurashiki old town with its picturesque canal. It is located near the Kurashiki station.

The old quarters of kurashiki is a photographer’s paradise. Plus the shops sells unique local handicrafts and merchandise. So it’s a good change of environment for shoppers.

Lunch is Bukkake ramen near kurashiki station. If you have a chance to visit. ORDER THE SPECIAL. It’s all flavours in a bowl of udon in reduced stock. I added an extra serving of tempura. It’s OMG standard for me…

Along the way, I have to make a stop at the famous fruit parfait store that serve seasonal fruits in dessert.

Pessimon and grape.

On the other side of Kurashiki station is the Mitsui Outlet Park, a shoppers paradise! That will be for the afternoon to escape the afternoon Sun.

The conveyor belt sushi on level 1 of Ario shopping mall beside the mitsui outlet is best. It’s OMG level for me. Super value for money.

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