Autumn Japan 2017 – Day 3

Today is 10 Nov 2017 and it’s fun in the city! Before that, I am glad to eat this delicious oyster curry bun for breakfast in miyajima. The big fresh oyster with nicely spiced Japanese curry in the crispy morning sea breeze is…….

After breakfast, it’s time to head back to Hiroshima station.

Every attractions today will be accessible by foot. Lotsa walking and cafe rest. I made use of Google map to note the good cafe, restaurant and attractions. Then just let myself wander along the right directions and check out any nearby goodies.

Shukkei-en 縮景園

I think the art of strolling a Japanese garden is to refine your sense of sight. Learn to zoom in and look at scenery from different angle and perspective…. H_brk

Peace Memorial Park 平和記念公園

The devastation must be tremendous for ordinary citizen. In any war, it’s the ordinary citizens that suffered. However the nobleness of the human spirit is to have hope. Recover and make the best of any situation. Witness the beauty of peace park, previously burnt to the ground.

Okonomiyaki for lunch just outside of peace park and at the entrance to hondori shopping arcade.

Add a splash of lemon Tabasco to zing up the food. For tourist who have been eating non stop like me. Do not be afraid to order 1 portion and share. I think 1 portion is good for 2 people.

Dinner is Japanized pasta at level 6 of Asse department stall at Hiroshima Station. You get to eat pasta with chopsticks. The fusion of Japanese ingredient into pasta is super intelligent. Good for those who are tired of traditional Japanese food. I ordered a set meal that is made up of sample sized pasta. Each has its own unique flavour.

Japanese cakes and desert are famous for light sweetness. That’s what make them so delightful. I think this wonder is in Hiroshima Station. Let the pictures speak to you.

Last but not least, always eat the seasonal fruits. Head to the nearest supermarket and sample their local produce. The perfection level is beyond description.

This 2 persimmon is soft and sweet. It’s like eating jello pudding. Since I am going to eat them immediately, I chose the reddest.

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