Autumn Japan 2017 – Day 2

Today is 9 Nov 2017. We are heading to Miyajima in Hiroshima and will stay 1 night there! The whole journey is going to take 100 minutes. Before the trip to Miyajima, it is good to check the tide at Miyajima because of the “floating” Itsukushima Shrine. Since the shrine is built out along the coast, high tide will provide a picturesque impression that the shrine is floating on water.

Itsukushima 厳島神社

night day H_brk_org

Daiganji 大願寺

This temple is rather small but has a large wood carved statue of Acala. It’s just beside Itsukushima shrine. Then cutting through the temple, I arrived at a tempura restaurant and had my lunch there. You can enjoy a nice sea view in the restaurant. H_brk_org

Daisho-in 大聖院

THIS TEMPLE IS FUN. That is because there are many prayer stations that you can participate, such as by writing a wish down on prayer stick

or try to cast a ball into a pot to get your wishes granted etc.

The autumn leaves are spectacular too. Starting at the entrance, you get to turn prayer wheels as you climb. REMEMBER, Buddhist prayer wheel is to be turned in clockwise direction! Besides the entrance, there is a bell that you can strike once. Soooo fun.

Misen-Hondo 弥山本堂

Up to Mt Misen by cable car. From the cable car station at the peak, you need to do a little hike to see the holy fire started by Kobo dashi. So don’t arrive at 4.30 pm, it’s gonna be tough. I will love to believe that this fire started by Kobo Daishi for his training (Fire puja?) had been kept burning till now… That really takes a lot of committed effort. From 806 to 2017, that is 1211 years! Anyway, if you believe, then the moment is special……

I managed to drink water boiled using this holy flame.Yes!


tempura lunch

This oyster tempura, ooh so good. I will say that I fall in love with eating oyster again after this. This restaurant, Miyajima Shokudo is beside the post office.


playing with deers on the island. They are so so so friendly. Very cute too. If you have biscuits and such, they will follow you everywhere like a puppy.

Please do not feed the deer with human food. I was just eating snacks and enjoying myself when they start approaching me…..

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