Autumn Japan 2017 – Day 6

Today is 13 Nov 2017 (Monday) It is going to be a long journey into the deep mountain of Koyasan and we are going to stay in a temple. Due to the recent typhoon, part of the nankai rail line from hashimoto station to gokurakubashi station is not operating. A substitute bus service is provided to koyasan from hashimoto station and it takes about 1.5 to 2 hour. Not much hassle really. The substitute buses are waiting outside of hashimoto station to pick passenger to koyaSan. Here’s koyasan, a place I have been wanting to visit. The autumn colours are spectacular.

There are beautiful Buddha statue inside this pagoda and images are painted on the pillars. Circumabulating them is a very moving experience for me.

The experience of staying in a temple is unique for many. I had the best uninterrupted 9 hours sleep. Lunch is a vegetarian meal by a restaurant that serves the imperial family during their koya San trip. Very delicious BBQ brinjal topped with special miso sauce as the centre dish.

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