Weird Metta

This happened to me many years ago.

One fine day, my dad came home and excitedly gave me a piece of yellow fabric with strange inscriptions on it.

‘This talisman is crafted by an ex-Thai monk who offers his powerful magic for adoption at only 20 dollars. I saw his magic demonstration and it’s unbelievable.” said my dad with enthusiasm.

My immediate mental reaction was, “ I think you just got scammed!” 20 dollars at that time is not petty cash for our family.

“This will protect you and bring good fortune to you. Always keep it in your wallet.” instructed my dad.

In my mind, I was thinking. “No way, that is superstition and not what Buddha taught. I will be dead embarrassed if any of my friends saw that superstitious thing in my wallet.” But being a typical obedient Asian-born son, I decided to tuck it into the most inconspicuous corner of my wallet. Out of sight no more embarrassment.

After a few years, I happened to listen to a sermon about Metta, it is described as unconditional love from a parent towards their child. And when I saw that embarrassing talisman again, I saw the love that my dad had for me. His wish is for me to be safe and successful in life.

I guess people express their Metta or love in their own unique way, if we recognize those quirky deeds or embarrassing gifts as Metta, then love is all around us. Life becomes more beautiful. In that manner, although we may not agree with our old folks some of the time, it is good to remind ourselves that they are simply loving us in their own way.

May all be well and happy.

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  1. For us in Santeria, it’s a two dollar Bill. My mother gave it to me and my finances did improve. Don’t be so quick to disbelieve the old ways my friend. They have lasted this long for a reason. Bless You

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