Bangkok Day 1

It has been 2 years since I last stepped foot in Thailand and what do you do when you miss that country a lot? For me, I learned their language! Can’t wait to test my newly acquired linguistic ability. I think it is gonna be fun because I am still very elementary. Hope to make the shopkeepers laugh and maybe they will give me more discounts for the happiness I bring them. 

I reach Bangkok at around 9 in the morning and my first objective is to deposit my luggage at the hotel. This time around, I managed to book the hotel for only SGD 50 a night (Usually S$100)! Can you believe that? This is because I booked it way in advance (Apr 2022), when this part of the world was still unsure if it is wise to allow tourism.

Siam@Siam is a quirky designer hotel that is loaded with beautiful art. I love the creativity of Thai people and decided that I should spend my first two nights in this beautiful place. More importantly, it is just 2 min away from the National Stadium Sky train station.

Wat Pathum Wanaram Rachaworawihan

This is the 1st itinerary on my list. Temple visit is a good idea in the morning because the tropical sun is still merciful at this time of the day. As usual, I will make a donation to support the sangha. May Buddha guide me to the best bargain and food on this trip. I know that is so wrong but old habit dies hard.

CU Book center (open from 9am to 8pm)Chulalongkorn University Book Center

Language book in Singapore is terribly expensive and I am placing my bet that they will be more reasonably priced here. Unfortunately, I got it wrong. Come to think of it; why would Thai undergraduates want to read Thai language book?

Luckily, I was advised to look for books at shopping mall. And I managed to get what I need.

Seems like, I have taken care of my spiritual thirst and knowledge thirst so far!

Pad Thai Fai Talu

Pad Thai is a popular Thai dish that originated from Chinese Immigrants. You will find similar dishes across S.E Asia. In Singapore, similar rice noodles are seasoned with Sweetened Black Soya Sauce and called Char Kuay Teow. In Penang, the Char Kuay Teow is stir-fried without black sauce. In Thailand, it is seasoned with Fish Sauce. This restaurant is Michelin graded and I can’t wait to taste it.

The price here is 4 to 5 times more than what you would pay at a night market. Is it worth the price?

I think it is forgettable and I am non too impressed. Well, the tell tale signs are there right from the start, there are no customers in there. I should know better right? So the lesson learnt is; follow the queue, not the Michelin guide.

Dessert at Thong Yoy Cafe is a wow for me. Desserts and interior is beautifully decorated. And the taste is good 👍

Bangkok is definitely less crowded than before. I think the tourism is gradually improving and I had fun shopping today. It’s their annual sales event now! Hope I can get more bargains tomorrow.

May all be well and happy.

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