Saving a life

Recently a group of Chinese Buddhists saved 10 ferrets from a butcher. While transporting them from the market to be released back into the woods; they noticed one of them constantly standing on its hind legs and “waving” at them as if clasping its paws in prayer.

Taken from their hand phone

So the monk spoke to this particular ferret and said, “Do not fear, we are not buying you for slaughter but will release you back into the wild.” Strangely, this particular ferret seemed to nod its head and lay down its body as if prostrating. So the monk said to the ferret, “Being born as an animal is pitiful, do you wish to take refuge in the Triple Gem and be released from suffering?” The ferret immediately stood up and waved its paws again.

So the monk instructed the vehicle to make a detour back to the temple. When they reached the temple, only this particular ferret was released from the cage. It obediently followed the monk into the Prayer Hall.

At the Prayer Hall, the monk conducted a refuge ritual for this ferret. At the end of the ritual, he said to the ferret. “Now you are a Buddhist. Samsara and rebirth are painful. Therefore, you should renounce both, let go of your furred body, and go to Amitabha’s Pure Land. I shall chant Amitabha’s Name to you now. Let go if you can.

To everyone’s astonishment, that ferret was very obedient and sat down while the monk was chanting. After a while, it simply passed away.

I found this story inspiring and thought you might like it. If we believe that this is true, our life can be more interesting and inspiring. Immediately, you just “witness” the wonderful Dharma. And because of that faith, our refuge will also be stronger. And out of that, we will not fall into the lower realm of existence.

Have a nice weekend.

May all be well and happy.

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