Buddha and Bodhisattva

Watch “The story of Buddha : Baka brahma has misconception.” on YouTube

Satthâ deva-manussânam – Teacher of Gods and man

In Buddhism, Buddha not only taught mankind but also the Gods and various spiritual beings. Although born a human, He transcended that state of being upon enlightenment.

In this famous Buddhist scriptural record, we understand that delusions also afflicts the beings in heavenly realms. Gods and Goddesses can also hold wrong views. In another word, all beings in Samsara are deluded by ignorance.

Naturally, this may result in them creating bad karma. In some cases, it leads to gods and goddess falling into lower realms of sufferings after their passing away from heavens (the Buddha taught that lifespan in heavens are not eternal)

At the beginning of the film, you see a particular god (This god has many form and appearances. He is known to mankind in different forms since he had been in existence for a very very long time) having a wrong view and Buddha becoming aware of it. It shows the pervasiveness of the Buddha’s mind.

At 0:53, you see Buddha displaying the mudra of reasoning. When you see that mudra on a Buddha Statue, it means to bestow wisdom and help us see the Truth. To be free from confusion and ignorance.

Then Buddha traveled to the heavenly realms using one of his ability. It is not astral travelling because his physical body travels with him. In some commentaries, Buddha made his physical body smaller than an atom to avoid detection by Brahma and being on top of Brahma’s head also helped) 😉

Hope you enjoy this short film,

May all be well and happy

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