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5 advantages of Watercress tea

watercress tea I had this tea for the 1st time when I was on vacation in Hong Kong.

It’s made from watercress and flavoured with honey.

Knowing that the Chinese culture of consuming food with health enhancing property, I did a quick research on what they believe watercress is good for.

Health is a necessity for spiritual practice.



This is watercress. Easy to get in Asia markets.

The benefits are as follows

  1. It is beneficial for menstruating period as it aids the cleansing of the system
  2. Beneficial for the general health of our lungs
  3. prevent phlegm buildup and aid in curing cough
  4. Beneficial for digestive system and prevents constipation
  5. strengthen one’s immune system


  • Clean the watercress and trim it like the picture above
  • Boil it with water for 10 to 15 min
  • strain and just drink the tea
  • add honey to flavour if desired

Enjoy your new drink!

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