South Putuo Temple in Xiamen

The word PuTuo is a Chinese rendition of the word Potala. (Sanskrit name of Avalokiteshvara’s pureland)

This is a beautiful temple in Xiamen, CHINA. Set against the slope of a little mountain, it offers the grandeur of a Chinese Buddhist temple upon entrance.

As you go towards the back of the temple, you begin to climb up the mountain little by little. It is a manageable climb. However, I was short of time and did not managed to make it to the top.

The temple is specially dedicated to the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. Also popularly known as Kannon in Japan or Kuanyin in China.

For me, the power spot is the 4 statues of thousand arms Avalokiteshvara facing the 4 directions. I managed to circumambulate it even though there are tons of tourist like myself.

This temple is supper strict against photography of the statues but we managed to sneak a picture from the Hall of great Hero. 大雄宝殿.

There are beautiful statues of Shakyamuni Buddha, Amitabha Buddha and Medicine Buddha. When statues of these 3 Buddha is placed together, it is named as Buddha of the 3 worlds. In Mahayana Buddhism, every Buddha has their own Buddhist paradise.

Towards the back of the temple is a cave shrine. I had a little bit of “only me” moment while chanting in the acoustic cave. I smelled a beautiful floral scent while reciting the 10 honorific of Buddha. Maybe it is imagination but it does lift my mind for a while. It is important not to be carried away by such moments and never be attached to them too.

I think this temple is worth a visit if you are in Xiamen.

Oh, one more thing, the temple also sells vegetarian chinese cookies. If you want to try traditional Chinese vegetarian cookies, this is a good place to get some.

May all be well and happy.

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