Hakka ancient mud building

The Hakka is a Chinese ethnic group that was forced to flee the sufferings of war and famine in ancient China.They settled in various part of China and typically chose the deep mountainous regions of their new settlement This is to avoid contact and trouble with existing population.In the spirit of migration, this ancient group of Chinese named themself 客家。 which means Guest Family.They are guest in the region which they chose to re-settle.Faced with hostility and discrimination from the local population, they developed a unique way of living.An entire village or extended family stay in a fortress like structure call 土楼 (mud building) These buildings are unesco heritage and you have to travel deep into the mountains to witness the amazing wisdom of ancient people.Each building has only one entrance with extremely heavy door. All windows face inwards and no window facing out. A defense strategy.This resulted in an extremely close knitted social system with hundreds of families. All belonging to a single clan.In the centre of these ancient structure is a little civic building meant for important occasion. Naming ceremony of new born, funeral, wedding, punishing errant villager, prayers etc.The rustic charm of village life is still present and you can see how people live together in such a close community.I think it is worth the long journey from the city of Fujian, China.May all be well and happy.

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