Before enlightenment, let’s learn to love.

May you be well and happy.

A simple phrase but filled with depth and meaning.

Loving kindness is one of the qualities of higher spiritual realms.

How big is our love depends on how big our heart is.

In the Buddhist ideal, love would include all beings. Without boundaries and exception. All embracing loving kindness that includes every beings, even people whom we dislike, animals and beings that we fear.

Just like the sun radiating love in all directions, likewise loving kindness radiate from us in all direction.

It is a kind of mental awareness that pervades and embrace all.

Some people possess such a mind without ever needing religion to show them the way. A person with a kind and loving heart with no ill will is hard to come by.

As simple as the phrase ‘may you be well and happy.’ The practice of loving kindness is also simple. A sincere heart wishing others wellness and happiness. Just like a mother wanting her child to be well and happy. That is loving kindness. Keep that mind and direct it towards everyone and everywhere. That’s the practice of loving kindness.

Your eyes soften with love, your facial muscle soften with love. Over time, transformation takes place and you become someone that exudes love.

The best teaching of loving kindness was from my mother. I used to travel frequently for work. She was worried and concerned for my travel safety. Since she lived near the airport, she sees airplanes taking off and landing everyday. She enjoys looking at them. She also silently prayed for their safety. That’s loving kindness. SIMPLE RIGHT?

The feeling of loving kindness is altruistic. Requiring no pay back.

It is also the 1st step towards spirituality.

May all be well and happy.

Not forgetting that the “I” is also part of the all…….




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