Karmic Relations – Final

Hope you enjoyed the previous 2 stories of karmic relation. Did you reflect about possibilities of karmic relation in your life? This is the last part of the post.

The belief of rebirth is not unique to Buddhism. In the previous 2 stories, we may wrongly conclude that rebirth can only happen to human beings. That is not true. For example, we can be reborn in heaven or as an animal too; and when we die, we may be reborn as something else.

In Buddhism, existence can be broadly classified into 6 categories. The lowest is hell realms, followed by ghost, animals, human, asuras and heaven being the highest form of existence in Samsara.

As long as we are not enlightened, we continue to be tossed around helplessly  in this gigantic bowl of existence. Each of them has their own sufferings. Buddhist believe that heaven has its sufferings too.

Throughout all these rebirth, we met many other beings. Sometimes they are our love ones and sometimes they become our bitter enemies.

The story in part 2 is just one of the many stories that I heard. What it teaches us is; hatred and aversion is a very negative emotional force that harm us. It can be a baggage that we carry from life to life. The only force that can overcome hatred is loving kindness.

More importantly, we have no idea if our present relations are caused by good karmic relations or bad ones. From the two stories we realise that karmic relations involve 2 or more beings, their life and karma intertwined.


In our life, if we come across people whom we have unfounded aversion; it is important for us to practice loving kindness meditation and generate love towards that person. If we practice chanting, we need to generate loving kindness and mentally direct it towards them too.

Likewise when we encounter people who seem to detest us for no particular reasons, we also need to generate loving kindness to counter that hostilities.

For unenlightened people like us, the best way to conduct our life is to follow the advice of Buddha. That way, bad karmic relations can be resolved and good ones can be better.

In any relations, regardless of good or bad karmic relations, it is important to have loving kindness and compassion.

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