Karmic relations – part 2

Thanks for reading part 2 of Karmic relations.

In this story, a newly married couple had just started their blissful family life. Husband and wife were successful in their career and it wasn’t long before a baby boy was born to the happy family.

However, happiness soon turned into worries. Their baby boy had a congenital illness and required special care.

The story started to unfold 14 years later. By that time, the family had became devoted Buddhist. Due to the special needs of her son, the mother had sacrificed her career to stay home and care for him. His medical bills had taken a toll on the family’s financial too.

Although poor and tired, the couple never stopped loving and caring for their only son.

Their precious son had been a good boy since young. Although plague by illnesses, he remained positive in life. He was filial towards his parents and respectful towards his elders. Like his parents, he had also developed strong faith in Buddha.

Shortly after his 14th birthday, he had a major relapse and needed an expensive surgery. His father was helpless because there wasn’t much savings. All money had been used for his medical care since young.

While waiting for the scheduled surgery, this young boy spent most of his time lying in bed and chanting the name of Amitabha Buddha. Meanwhile, the worried father was going around borrowing money for the surgery.

Just one week short of the scheduled surgery, that boy seemed to become better miraculously. He was strong enough to get out of bed on his own. At the same time, there seemed to be a slight change in his personality. Somehow, he appeared to be more matured, speaking like an adult. Although the same but yet different.

He spoke to parents in a serious tone. “Buddha had appeared to me and had promised to take me to his Pureland three days later. Do not be sad. Although I am your son in this life, we were actually enemies in our previous life.

Previously, you had caused me so much suffering that I had swore revenge on my death bed. This surgery will fail and you will be left with a huge debt and deep grief.

I fully understand the cause of my illness and I had given up my revenge now. You should not spend another cent on me and do not be sad over me. Have faith in Buddha. Please invite the elders to our home 3 days later.”

Naturally, the parents were bewildered and doubtful. The monks and elders were consulted immediately; They came and interviewed the boy. Since the scheduled surgery is 7 days away and the young boy seemed alright, they decided to wait.

On the 3rd day, the young boy appeared to be much better than before. He bathed and put on fresh clothing on his own. Then he sat on his bed in meditation posture and started to chant. Without a care for the world.

His parent saw this strange behaviour and had to invite the temple elders to their home again. Everyone was moved by the sight and started chanting together with the boy too. At around 6 pm, the boy placed his hand in meditation style and simply passed away with a smile on his face. The entire apartment was mysteriously infused with scents of flowers.

Being devoted Buddhist, the couple knew the miracle that was happening. Although sad, they continued the chanting together with the temple elders. They also realised and accepted the karmic relations of their son.

In this story the karmic relation was driven by hatred and a vow for revenge.

A doctor was subsequently called upon to certify the death.

According to witness’ account, the boy remained sitting even though he had passed away. His body remained warm many hours later. If not for the medical certification, one would be mistaken to think that he was still alive.

Note: The above miraculous passing away is known as transmigration to Amitabha’s Pureland in Pureland Buddhism. Typically, the person passing on to Pureland will leave behind a body that remains warm after death. Ability to predict time of passing away, strange phenomenon such as mysterious lights and fragrances is part of the process.



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