Perfect love story

It’s Valentine’s Day. All about Romance and Love. So what about Buddhism? Is it devoid of such love and Romance?

Looking at Buddha’s life while he was a prince, we discover that he had 3 palaces for his delights. Imagine the poshest hollywood mansion. Each of these palaces were designed for specfic seasons so that it was the optimal resort to live in.

Thanks to his father, Prince Siddhartha was surrounded by entertainment and beautiful people. His dad, King Suddhodana wanted to keep the prince occupied with enjoyment. Imagine a lifestyle of constant partying and surrounded by beautiful models as companion.

One day, the King decided it was time to get Prince Siddhartha a wife. So they organized a huge party and invited the beautiful maidens of noble families to attend.

Now Prince Siddhartha was known to be extremely handsome, strong and well built. According to Buddhist scriptures, many men and women were infatuated with him. Plus Prince Siddhartha was kind hearted with an amazing personality. Therefore all the maidens were excited and beyond themselves at the party. Imagine a super pop star meeting his fans.

For attending the party, each of the maiden would receive a piece of jwellery from Prince Siddhartha. That was specially arranged for him to have close poximity with each gal.

Amongst these fine ladies was Princess Yashodhara. Now, Yashodhara was a great beauty on her own standing with countless suitors. Whilst the other gals were excited and clamouring around the prince, Yashodhara was observing him from a distant. All poise and pretty. Imagine a super pretty pop star.

It came to past that Princess Yashodhara was the last one to walk up to Prince Siddhartha for her gift. She caught his eyes immediately and he took out the last piece of jewellery. (a small ring)

She took the ring and said “Dear Prince, Is this my value in your eyes?” Her eyes twinkling with mischief, a smile on her face.

Prince Siddhartha fumbled and took off the necklace he was wearing and gave it to her. That was the first time anyone saw the prince fumbled in the presence of a girl.

Naturally, King Suddhodana wanted his daughter in law to be someone who can capture the heart of his precious son.

Arrangement was soon made to ask for her marriage.

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