Great Repentance prayer to Eighty-Eight Buddha – Part 10

Finaly, the last part of the repentance prayer. It is the Chinese New Years Eve today. This year us the year of the Dog Zoduac Sign.

Wishing everyone auspicious, happy and prosperous new year!

With the conclusion of this repentance prayer, may the new year bring forth a new start, all misdeeds be foresaken and not to be committed again. The future will be better.

The repentance prayer text continue thus;



May all these excellent merits and virtues be dedicated throughout the supreme Dharma Realm.


towards the manifestation of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha

towards the unhindered realisation of the Two Truths

towards the attainment of unsurpassed Samandhi


I completely dedicate all such infinite seas of merits, towards the total elimination of obstacles and woeful results of all sentient beings, which are caused by wrong actions, speech and thoughts, incorrect views, doubts, sneers and slanders of Triple Gems.


Instant by instant, thoughts of wisdom shall pervade the Dharma Realm, to liberate sentient beings without regression.


Till the exhaustion of the infinite worlds, sentient beings, karmas and afflictions

Just as the above four are immeasurables, may today’s dedication be likewise.




Namo Great Achievement Samantabhadra Bodhisattva ( repeat 3 times)

End of part Ten.

This conclude the translation of the repentance prayer to 88 Buddha(s)

Hope you enjoyed reading.

May all be auspicious, well and happy.

Please feel free to share and teach others who are interested too.

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