Great Repentance prayer to Eighty-Eight Buddha – Part 9

Wow, I have been on this topic for a few weeks. But the text is really inconceivable in depth of meaning. Hang in there. Completing soon.

The repentance prayer text continue thus;


I repent all misdeeds and share all blessings

Note: This summaries all that had been said previously. Basically, we repent all misdeeds and commit not to repeat our misdeeds. It include misdeeds that we might not remember. In a way, this repentance prayer is also a cautionary reminder of what not to do. Then we also witness the selflessness that is be encouraged. We share all our blessings. The prayer also emphasize that we dedicate virtuous root cause towards ours and others’ full enlightenment (which is the only worthy result) Note that the text does not dedicate merits for us to become rich or attractives (which are transient benefits)

及请佛功德,愿成无上智。- may I attain the merits and virtues of Buddha(s) and may I attain supreme wisdom.

Note: This is a short aspiration to have perfections of merits and wisdom. Naturaly, this is something we need to acquire through practice and cultivation.

去来现在佛,于众生最胜。- The past, present and future Buddha(s) are peerless amongst beings

Note: (reminding ourselves that Buddha(s) is peerless amonsgt ALL types of beings. In Buddhism, beings includes celestial, terrestrial and inter-dimensional beings, all sentient beings in short)


I take refuge with my life in Buddha(s) possessing seas of infinite merits and virtues.

Note: The level of commitment in refuge is based on one’s life. That is to say, even if we loose our precious life, we do not forsake our refuge.

The following text recollects the deeds of Bodhisattva Samanta(普)bhadra(显)


To the lion amongst man in all the worlds throughtout the ten directions and in all three times.

Note: Lion amongst man is a poetic honorifics refering to Buddha. 3 times refer to past present and future. Ten directions means thoughout space. (Everywhere)


I pay homage to all of them without any exceptions with my pure action, speech and thought.


Through the magnificient spiritual power of Samantabadhra, I manifest in the presence of all Tathagata(s)

Note: This part is getting fun, as you have to visualise or imagine yourselves able to do that (with deep faith). In addition, understanding the Mahayana concept of emptiness, Dhamadhatu and Dharmakaya will solidify this faith. Last but not least is our meditation and mind training. Have fun! But most important for most of us, FAITH!


Transforming our body into myraid bodies as many as the dust in all worlds, we pay homage to Buddha(s) as numerous as all myraid dust in existence.

Note: Myraid means infinite.

Personally, I think this is very meaningful. How do we grapple with the concept of infinity when doing this prayer? Not forgetting, we are ourselves made up of myraid atoms too. Surely, it is a state beyond grasping. A state of non-fixation, pervadingness  (I think it is important to remember: to turn the mind inward too)


In each mote of dust are myraid Buddha(s) as limitless as motes of dust

Each of them dwelling in an assemblies of Bodhisattvas

Likewise, it is the same throughtout the infinite motes of dust in the infinite Dharma Realms,

I firmly believe the Buddha(s) completely occupy all of them


Each of my myraid manifestations uses myraid pleasant sounds to express myraid wonderful words and phraises


to praise the ocean deep merits and virtues of all Buddhs(s) until the end of time.


Using the best and wondrous flower garlands, music,perfumes, parasols and canopies


and the best decorations that are rich and rare, I make offerings to all the Tathagata(s).

(note: This are all mental visualisations. Remember we invoked the power of Samantabadra Bodhisattva to achieve these feats earlier on? Thus even the poorest man can offer an infinite fineries to infinite Buddha) – That’s Mind training.


The best clothing and best incense, powdered incense and lit incense plus lamps and candle light. All these offerings heaped as high as a great mountain, I hereby offer them to all Tathagata(s)


Based on a mind that is vast and open, capable of understanding the most extraordinary,

I firmly believe in all the Buddha(s) thoughout the three period of time.

Based on the power of Samantabadra’s conduct and vows, I make offerings to all Tathagata(s) who reside everywhere.


I hereby repent all my past misdeeds caused by my craving, aversion and ignorance and created through my actions, speech and mind,


I rejoice in the virtues and merits of all sentient beings, the Sravakas and Pratyeka Buddhas, All types of practioners of the Hinayana and Mahayana path, as well as all Buddh(s) and Bodhisattvas.

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Lights of the worlds in the ten directions and those who were the first to attain Bodhi

I hereby entreat them to turn the wheel of Dharma.

Note: Lights of the worlds is a poetic honorifics of Buddha(s)

Turn the wheel of Dharma means to teach entient beings how to gain enlightenment.


If any Buddha intend to manifest Parinirvana, I shall earnestly entreat them to remain till the end of time to benefit and delight all sentient beings.


I dedicate all the blessings and merits arising from paying homage, praising and making offerings to Buddha(s),

as well as merits arisin from entreating Buddha(s) to remain in worldly existence to teach the dharma,

as well as merits arising from rejoicing and repentance,

I hereby dedicate all of them towards the complete Enlightenment of all sentient beings.

End of part Nine.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

May all be auspicious, well and happy.

Please feel free to share and teach others who are interested too.

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