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Chrysanthemum TeA

There is a saying that illness enters through one’s mouth whilst adversity in life is a result of what comes out of it.

Put simply it means, what we eat or drink affects our health and what we say affects our life.

Chinese has a culture of drinking tea and flower tea is also common.

Chrysanthemum Tea is an infusion beverage that is believed to be good for balancing our health. We can get it from a typical Chinatown stores that sell tea leaves or herbal medicine. It is believed that drinking the tea will boost our immune system and it has anti-aging and anti inflammatory properties. Drinking Chrysanthemum tea also enhances our eye sight and reduce old age related sight issues.


Boil water and infuse some dried chrysanthemum in a pot or tea cup.

The 1st pour of hot water is thrown away immediately and not consumed. This is because it “cleanse”/ rinse the chrysanthemum .

After throwing away the 1st pour, we immediately add boiling water again and let it stand for 10 minutes before drinking.

If you add some wolfberry (also known as Goji) to the chrysanthemum to make the tea, it has additional function of weight control and is also good for our eyesight.

Alternatively, adding a small teaspoon of organic honey will be beneficial for cough and common cold.

Hope you enjoy your tea and like all things in this world, please maintain moderation.

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