Heaven on Earth

Location: Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki, Japan

Time: April 2016, morning

The park opens at 9.30am and it’s location is far away from the city. I woke up at 6 am to catch the early train so that I was standing at the gate at 9am. Being 3rd in the queue, I kept thinking to myself, “Crazy Asian Tourists”.

By 9.30 am, a long long queue had formed with faces from different parts of the world. Ok, Asian are not the only crazy tourist after all. Then I saw 2 badass grannies from Thailand. (overheard their conversation) They jumped the queue and came to the front.

They must have caught sight of some disapproving stares and said something about seniors should be given special privileges. Our eyes met and I smiled at them. I think its fine to give way to the elderly.

The gate opened at the precise opening hour. Then all hell break loose! Instead of a leisurely stroll, everyone started running!

I caught sight of the badass grannies and could have sworn they grinned at me as they ran past me. I silently wished my old folks will be as healthy as them.

My calmness disappeared instantly when I realised everyone was trying to get the perfect shot of the baby blue hill. (before it got crowded by people!)

I broke into a break neck sprint and mentally thanked my gym training. I grinned at the 2 badass grannies as I overtook them.

The tranquility of a quiet hill covered by blue flowers on the ground and clear blue sky overhead is heaven on Earth. Panting and breathing the crisp cool morning air, I had a sense of elation as I “owned” the entire hill for a short moment before it got crowed. A short moment of tranquility and beauty.

I would say it is worth the run. The video was taken after the crowd arrived.


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