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Cooking with Loving Kindness

It is going to be lunch time soon and the chore of cooking is less than exciting.

The washing of vegetable (who knows what kind of pesticide is there)

The cutting of vegetable and the seasoning and then followed with the washing up of utensils….

Was feeling a bit grumpy and suddenly the thought “May I be well and happy” came to mind

There is a momentary “freeze” as all other feeling of grumpiness and thoughts are pushed away.

The mind is pulled to the present and awareness is in the body and the task at hand.

May I be well and happy.

I could have swore the tomatoes had a sparkle to it.

Then the enjoyment of cooking started. Every sprinkle of pepper and salt has a quality of love. Not too much or too little to the pinch. “May I be well and happy”

The knife has a spring to it as I chop the vegetables.

This body does not belong to me, it is but a temporary abode. May I be well and happy. The “I” seems like a third party. Wishing my body “May I be well and happy”. The “I” seems to have a “you” quality.

I remember the show Chef’s Table :Jeong Kwan,

I recalled the meal that a nun in Singapore had cooked for me many years back.

“May I be well and happy” as I ate lunch. Today’s salad tasted so nice.

Hope you can also bring loving kindness to your daily task.

P.S Cooking and eating is very important aspect of life and Buddhism

During the Buddha’s time, there was a lady who sought meditation instruction from 2 monks. After she had diligently practiced her meditation, she attained Enlightenment and had the power of clairvoyance. She investigated the mind of the monks who taught her meditation and discovered that they had not attained Enlightenment yet.

Out of gratitude for her meditation teachers, she prepared meals to be offered to the monks everyday. She made used of her Enlightened mind to prepare food that will benefit the monks in their meditation. Thus by caring for the monks in this manner, the monks’ meditation was benefited and before long, they too attained Enlightenment.

Food can also be a form of medicine for our body and mind.

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