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Buddha Speaks of Amitabha Sutra – Part 7

复次舍利弗!彼国常有种种奇妙杂色之鸟,白鹤、孔雀、鹦鹉、舍利、迦陵频伽、共命之鸟。是诸众鸟,昼夜六时,出和雅音,其音演畅五根、五力、七菩提分、八圣道分,如是等法。其土众生,闻是音已,皆悉念佛、念法、念僧。[Shariputra, furthermore – in this land there are birds of all sorts of wondrous variegated colors: white cranes, peacocks, orioles, myna birds, cuckoos. All these birds bring forth harmonious songs day and night. Their songs communicate such Buddhist teachings as the five roots, the five powers, the seven […]