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Buddha Speaks of Amitabha Sutra – Part 13

舍利弗!若有善男子、善女人,闻说阿弥陀佛,执持名号;若一日,若二日,若三日,若四日,若五日,若六日,若七日,一心不乱。其人临命终时,阿弥陀佛与诸圣众,现在其前。是人终时,心不颠倒,即得往生阿弥陀佛极乐国土. [If there are good men or good women who hear of Amitabha Buddha, and recite his name single mindedly and without confusion, for one day or two days or three days or four days or five days or six days or seven days, then when these people […]