Birth, Aging, Sickness and Death is painful. These are the inherent unease of our physical existence. The transient nature of things. One moment it is there and the next, it is gone.

Not obtaining what we desire is stressful , getting what we detest is stressful. Not being with agreeable people is stressful, being with disagreeable people is stressful.


What causes suffering and stress?

The craving for desired things and not getting it is stressful.

The aversion to undesired things but getting it is stressful. The illusion of a ‘soul’ enduring stress is stressful. Succumbing to that illusion, we fight with one another to obtain what we desire and avoid what we detest.


Waking from that illusion stops all stress and suffering, since there is nobody there.

When the craving cease, stress cease. When aversion cease, stress cease.


The way to waking is the noble Eight-fold path. Lead your life according to it and you will wake up from that illusion.

Right Views, Right Resolve, Right Speech, Right Actions, Right Livelihood, Right effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration. By practicing this 8 factors in life, we will wake from the illusion.

To be continued…..

May all be well and happy.