Being replaced by google

This dawned upon me just a few days ago. Someone asked me something and I gave a short reply. This is followed by, “By the way, it can be found on google.”

This remark was met with, “oh ok”, then there was a deafening silent. The spark of a conversation did not develop into a warm conversation.

That made me wonder,” since when did I start asking people to google?” I used to enjoy the spotlight of being knowledgeable. Thinking back, I think it started when I was working. I had wanted to encourage my subordinates to be more independent. It was a good intention meant to encourage the spirit of research before coming to the meeting table. I was genuinely proud that I managed to cultivate a sense of confidence in my team.

This became a habit as I started advocating the use of google in my private life too. Everybody was encouraged to be independent and do their own research. I wanted everyone to enjoy knowledge at their fingertips.

The consequences of this is less opportunity for communication. The spark of a warm conversation is now given to google instead of me. Do you have similar experiences?

Of course everyone knows that they can just google the answer. But if we want to have a conversation, doesn’t it starts with questions and answers?

I guess sometimes good intentions can also developed into an unhealthy habit if we are not mindful of the situations.

May all be well and happy.

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