Not your slave – Part 2

With a newfound purpose in his heart, Mila began to inquire who was the most powerful dark sorcerer. Suddenly, there was hope in his life. He would no longer be bullied and would reclaim his father’s wealth; But only if he successfully removed his evil uncle.

It wasn’t long before he decided who should be his teacher. However, nothing was straightforward in life. After all, life is not a fairy tale. Mila had to run away from home without bringing many belonging with him. He couldn’t tell the world that he was going to learn sorcery to curse his uncle, could he?

Having the bare minimum to travel through the harsh environment of ancient Tibet was very dangerous. Furthermore, he had no money and would have to rely on the compassion of strangers to survive. But nothing could stop his determination to set things right in his wretched existence. And all of that was just the beginning of his newfound purpose in life.

We can imagine the kind of personality that an evil sorcerer would possess. He was a reclusive man that was avoided by his community out of fear and sought by people who had vengeance in their minds. He earned a living by exploiting other people’s hatred. And Mila was seeking free tutelage and knowledge from such a person. It is not hard to imagine the kind of hardships that young Mila would have to endure in order to live with such a man,

While young Mila was accustomed to physical hardship and abuse in his uncle’s household, nothing would have sufficiently prepared him for the spiritual hardship and horror that awaited him as an apprentice for dark magic. In addition to serving his newfound evil master, Mila’s training was intended to twist his mind toward darkness. Many people had failed and were driven mad by such dark training.

When most of us would be terrified of a stranger’s corpse, such an apprentice needed the tongue of death. With that, he would possess the death speech and be capable of placing death curses. To obtain that prized possession, one would need to participate in many hours of horror-filled preparations to get an appropriate corpse ready for an ultimate ritual. On the fateful night of the ritual, the apprentice would be locked in a room with the ritually prepared corpse. His master would tie him up and bind him to the corpse, face to face. When all was set, the apprentice would need to conjure the corpse and turn it into a zombie. Struggling with the zombie was horrifying, but the ultimate test was to continue chanting his evil mantra to torment the zombie until it screamed and stuck out its tongue. That was the moment when the apprentice need to capture the death breath with his mouth and bite off the zombie’s tongue. That is the tongue of death. If the apprentice failed this assignment, then the room would be sealed forever, with the apprentice still bound to the zombie. Can you imagine that?

However, Mila was possessed by hatred and he was willing to sacrifice himself, as long as revenge was his to claim.

Until here, it would be good for us to appreciate how much hardship young Mila had endured. He wasn’t educated. He was a slave in his own house. He lost his father, then his mother died under mysterious circumstances.He feared for his life. Was abused and bullied by his uncle and the rest of his household. Then he had to escape and travel a great distance under dire conditions. Begged for apprenticeship from an evil man. Be abused by an evil man who was his only “hope” in life. Be subjected to mind-altering practices that are actually a form of psychological torture.

To be continued.

May all be well and happy.

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