Buddha Speaks of Amitabha Sutra – Part 8

舍利弗!彼佛国土,微风吹动,诸宝行树,及宝罗网,出微妙音。譬如百千种乐,同时俱作,闻是音者,自然皆生念佛、念法、念僧之心。。[Shariputra, in this Buddha-land, there is a slight breeze that stirs the rows of jewel trees and jewel nets, so that they emit subtle wondrous sounds, like hundreds and thousands of melodies playing all at once. All those who hear these sounds spontaneously develop the intention to be mindful of the Buddha, mindful of the Dharma, and mindful of the Sangha.] 

This verse describes balmy breeze in Sukhavati (Amitabha’s Pure Land). And when the breeze arises, the trees and sky nets would sway in the wind. Since the trees and sky nets are decorated by crystals and precious gems, the wind will cause them to tinkle as they knocked against each other. Once again, the sutra highlights that ordinary events such as the breeze and tinkling of jewels will inspire us to recollect the Triple Gems.

If we examine all the verse till here, every events in Sukhavati will cause its inhabitant to recall the Triple Gems. Anything they see or hear or smell or feel or taste results in being mindful of the Triple Gems.

In short, they never stop being mindful of Triple Gems.

We just need to ask ourselves truthfully; In our 24 hours everyday, is our mind constantly with the Triple Gems? How can we be inseparable and constantly being mindful of Triple Gems?

Personally, I believe it indicates that the inhabitants of Sukhavati are enlightened beings.

That brings us to the Pureland practice of Chanting Amitabha’s name.

For a beginner in spiritual practice, chanting may be just a form of worship. We practice because we wish to be reborn in a paradise. However, chanting Buddha’s name is a form of meditation. As highlighted in previous post, it helps us let go of our discursive thoughts and still our mind.

When we wish to reborn in Buddha’s world, we already have that wisdom of letting go Samsara.

A good practitioner will recognize his/her Buddha nature while still alive. Otherwise, at the moment when we meet Amitabha at our death, we will know not to crave rebirth in Samsara and will enter the world of Buddha.

May all be well and happy.

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