October Free gift

In case you are wondering why I am giving free gift. click here

This month’s free gift is the image of Medicine Buddha.

Medicine Buddha is popular in Mahayana Buddhism and is generally worshipped for health. His image can be found all over China, Japan and Korea. Besides bestowing good health upon his devotees, Medicine Buddha practitioners are also supported by the 12 yaksha generals. According to the scripture, they had vowed to support practitioners of Medicine Buddha.

This pendant is made of colored glass and colored glass is considered a precious substance in Mahayana Buddhist scriptures. Popularly known as 琉璃 (Liu Li)

琉璃 or colored Glass has special significance in Buddhism. It is precious because it came from sand.( which is ordinary, insignificant and not attractive) This represents our unrefined characteristic before practicing Buddhism.

Our practice is like the heat and furnace that transform sands into glass. In this way, it becomes purified, it sparkles and can be shaped into exquisites articles.

Another precious quality of Glass is that it doesn’t react with things that it encounter. Thus, it can contain poison but doesn’t become poisonous in itself.

I only have one pendant to give away and will send it to you, free of charge, if your response appears first on my inbox after this post is published.

Simply fill up the form below and click send.

If your email is chosen, I will reply your email and request for your postage mail address. Then I will mail the pendant to you free of charge. I am just trying to give away

May all be well and happy.

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