Free gift for readers

Long story short, the shopping bug bit me hard. I was shopping online for a gift and somehow couldn’t resist the temptation and craving to own one of each design…

Then I realized that it is better to give them to others and you came into my mind! Dear readers of bodhi-bowl blog.

Here’s what I bought.

I have 4 designs and will give 1 of them every month to the 1st requesting email; Starting from July 2021. It is a dharma gift for my readers. You don’t have to pay me anything and I will cover postage too. Just pray it reaches you in 1 piece.

You can hang this in your car or around your neck. Or place it in your office. Promise that you accord it with due respect. 😉🙏

Just send me an email with subject title ‘glass buddha’. The 1st email request to reach my maibox will receive it. So let’s leave it to karma and may the person who needs it most, gets it.

I will reveal the design to be gifted in July when the date is closer. So watch out for the update.

Identity of the lucky recipient will be kept confidential too.

May all be well and happy.

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