Reflecting 2020

The year is coming towards its end and the world is still plague by covid-19. Many precious lives had been lost and family wreaked with grief. For those of us who are still living and healthy, I think we ought to be thankful and be patient. Have faith that this pandemic is impermanent too.

A non-buddhist might ask, “What causes the pandemic?” Some say it is a punishment from a higher force and is quick to blame the minorities or those who are too weak to defend themselves. We ought to know better.

Being Buddhist, we attribute world pandemic to shared karma. In case we ask, “what wrong did mankind do?”

We must remember not to be egoistic and wrongly conclude that the entire world exist because of human beings. It is really silly to think that every storm or quake is a retribution for us. Our ego really blinded us and prevented us from right view, right understanding and right actions.

What is more important for us, is surviving the pandemic. How can it shape our mind and change us for the better.

For once, we learn that we can actually live without all those partying. A fortunate few might even gain some self-realization during their time alone.

For those who adhere to healthcare advices and stayed indoor, avoid crowd and wear a mask; We watch the news, and are flabbergasted by those inconsiderate others who are spreading covid-19 with their selfish behavior. Although we might never know the cause of covid-19, we can see with clarity how selfishness and ignorance prolong suffering. No?

We also witness man or woman in power, politicians and religious zealots; How their selfish and ignorant decision lead to more chaos and sufferings in the world. If there is anything to learn from this pandemic. Then I think the lesson is for us to reject selfishness and ignorance for a better future. Therefore, help spread wisdom.

Although the pandemic is serious, we should try to live our life happily.

Just the other day, my mind suddenly wondered if wearing a mask will become a permanent requirement in future. What if the virus continues to mutate and become ever more contagious; Will humans ended up wearing elaborate gas mask in future? Thoughts of 2019 when I can see every face in the streets made me feel nostalgic. Suddenly the world felt gloomy. Wait a minute! That is delusion polluting my mind. Fantasizing the future and reminiscing the past. Time to live the present.

My attention went back to the uncomfortable mask. That’s what triggered all that thoughts.

May all be well and happy. My mask represents my love and consideration for fellow human beings. A slight discomfort is nothing. May all be well and happy. Suddenly the gloom of a foreboding future lifted away and is replaced by loving kindness. A smile touched my face. (My mask did not stop me from smiling to myself) Living the moment and loving kindness. That is a simple Buddhist practice. Happiness in the mind now. That is what matters.

May all be well and happy.

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